Catherine Dixon

Ciaran Park

In Posted

This is a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with your styling services. Prior to working with you, we would recommend several stylists to our customers and leave the decision with them as to who they chose. Now, we only recommend you. As you know, styling is an important factor in making a property stand out in the crowd and in turn secure the best possible price. To this end the last thing we want to do is style in a way that is the same as every other property in our area. Unfortunately this was a problem when we employed larger styling companies to work with our clients. Through your company we have found a stylist who has an eclectic design eye, is able to make a home look stylish but lived in but most importantly stand out and entice buyers to view. In addition to this, your professionalism, can do attitude and availability make you a pleasure to work with. Time and time again, your personality has won over difficult clients or those that were not initially sold on the advantages of styling and this has made us very confident in connecting you with our clients and knowing that they will be absolutely delighted with you and your services. By way of conclusion I would like to add that we are convinced that your styling adds to the value of a property and enables us to secure a higher price for our clients. We would not hesitate to employ you to style our own homes for sale.